Immigration Physical Exams at a Clinic Near Me

For those seeking to establish a permanent home in the United States, the immigration process can present several challenges. One of the most important is the requirement to have a physical examination. At, we not only understand the magnitude of this requirement, but we also make it easy for you to locate a “clinic near me.”

In addition, we provide you with expert specialists who speak your language, guaranteeing a personalized and efficient experience.

Family getting an immigration physical exam with a doctor at a clinic near me USA
Doctor doing physical immigration exam on patient in a clinic near me USA

Personalized Connection with Specialized Doctors is a platform that provides aspiring residents the opportunity to schedule an appointment with specialized doctors. These professionals are recognized by the United States Immigration Service (USCIS) and are available at a “clinic near me.”

We recognize that each individual has specific needs and that is why we strive to ensure that you can access a doctor who is close to you. In addition, we make sure that it speaks your language, allowing clear and effective communication between the patient and the doctor.

Request for Assistance to Schedule an Appointment

How does it work? It's simple. You just have to fill out our online form with your information. Once your request is received, one of our agents will contact you to assist you in the process.

Application form

    Doctor offering medical assistance for immigration physical examination in the USA

    To take into account:

    It is vital to mention that this medical examination is comprehensive and is designed to meet all USCIS requirements including:

    • Immunizations
    • Lab tests
    • A physical exam

    These steps guarantee that you are in optimal health and that you comply with all the necessary regulations for your immigration process.

    Once the exam is completed, we provide you with Form I-693. This document is essential for your application to USCIS. It will be filled out accurately by our expert doctors, ensuring that all information is correct and ready to be presented.